House Rules & Recommendations

Check-in/-out: Our housekeeper Elsa will assist you upon your arrival and provide you with the keys to your room.

  • Check-in time: 12:00 – 20:00 (please inform us about your estimated arrival time)
  • Check-out time: 11:00 (extension only upon request)

Quiet time: Please avoid loud noises after 22:00 for the comfort of other guests and neighbours. No music on speaker is allowed outside of the house.

Cleanliness: Please remove your shoes before entering the house and avoid stains on the beds.

Shared kitchen: Please leave the kitchen as you have found it. Tidy up and wash the dishes after eveyr use. Before using the stove, turn on the gas on the left cupboard below. Turn switch up (gas on) and turn switch right (gas off).

(Food-) waste disposal: Please segregate your rubbish into non bio-degradable and bio-degradable and dispose accordingly. The bin for food waste is outside of the kitchen to avoid ants and other insects.

Toilets: Please don’t throw toilet paper or other waste in the toilet. We have ceptic tanks, it will cause blockage and damage. Please use the provided bins provided instead!

Smoking: Kindly smoke only on the balcony, smoking inside of the room is strictly forbidden and will cause the smoke detector to alarm!

Respect our home and neighbours: Handle all appliances, furniture and fittings with care (as if it’s your own) and show respect to the neighbors and the property.

Save water and energy: Please save water for the environment and for future generations. Unplug all appliances and gadgets if you are not in the room for safety and to save energy.

Laundry: There’s a cheap laundry service in Danao town, close to the public market. Rates are at 25 php per kilo (minimum of 4 kilos) and will take 2 days until it will be made ready for pick up. The laundry services at Alona Beach usually charge 75 php per kilo.


  • Convenience stores “sari sari”: On the same road as the guesthouse, many neighbours have their own kiosks (“sari sari” stores). There you will find toiletries, cold drinks, canned goods, fruit and even some veggies.
  • Public market “merkado”: At the public market you will find a wide selection of fish (catch of the day) and meat (check out the butchery owned by German guy), local grown fresh fruit and vegetables. The “merkado” can be reached by motorbike in 5-7 min.

Restaurants nearby:

  • There are some good restaurants in walking distance from the guesthouse. For traditional filipino dishes and fresh seafood go to ‘Tropical Villas’ (150 metres) or ‘Linaw Beach Resort’ (200 metres). ‘Equation’ (200 metres) offers a nice veranda to witness incredible sunsets by the beach. Try their cocktails!
  • More restaurants can be found at Alona Beach. For organic/vegetarian food choices check out ‘The Buzz Café’ and ‘Shaka’.

Recommended beaches around:

  • Danao Beach: A quiet natural beach stretch and is popular among divers (many dive resorts). The water is a bit shallow for swimming but is the best place to observe sunsets. It only takes just 5 minutes by foot. Simply follow signage to Linaw Beach Resort.
  • Alona Beach: A busy ‘touristy’ beach and is good for swimming, live music bars.  The area is filled with a ariety of restaurants, starting point for many island hopping tours, and can be reached within 10 minutes by motorbike.
  • Libaong White Beach: Definitely one of the best beaches on the island! It is a clean, white sandy beach, boasting a long shoreline. It usually takes around 30-40 minutes to reach by motorbike/trycicle/car.

Getting around:

  • Motorbike “Habal”: Some neighbours offer motorbike rides (also called “habal”) for 25 php per person to the nearby Alona Beach (10 min) or the Public Market (also called “Merkado”). Just walk on the side of the road and eventually you will hear a honk by one of the motorbikes. Alternatively, if you want to rent your own motorbike, it will cost you around 400 php per day. The closest motorbike rental is 500 meters away at “Hope Homes”.
  • Tricycle: Usually costs 100 php per ride. Longer distances require some bargaining skills. Going to the port of Tagbilaran or to the airport will cost you 300 php.
  • Van/Taxi: From and to the port or airport of Tagbilaran, will cost you between 500 and 700 php.

Island tour to Chocolate Hills:

  • Join a group tour: Go to Alona Beach to inquire about tour operators and pick up time.
  • Private island tour (half or full day): On advance notice, we can also organize a private a/c van with a driver for upto 6 guests bringing you to all of the “must-visits” when in Bohol: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Manmade Forest, Hanging Bridge, Eco-Reserve etc. Price upon request.

Island hopping:

  • Join a group tour: Several tour operators depart at Alona Beach and cost between 300 and 500 php per person depending on the trip.
  • Private tour: On request, we can also hire a private “bangka” for an island hopping tour to visit Balicasag Island, Virgin Island and to snorkel at the Fish Sanctuary. The tour costs 1700 php for upto 6 participants, and an additional environmental fee and rent of snorkeling gear of 250 php per person.

Firefly kayak tour on Abatan river:

Our partner KayakAsia offers eco-friendly kayaking tours along Abatan River. During the kayak tour you will be able to observe fireflies in their natural habitat. The tour (2h) includes a guided tour and a dinner. Cost is 1755 php per person. Pick up directly at Pahiluna Guesthouse available. For reservation please text the tour operator, Rey +63 (0) 949 984 07 30 and mention ‘Pahiluna Guesthouse’.