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Phone: +63 (0)9055497737

Address: Pahiluna Guesthouse, Daorong Danao, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines


From Tagbilaran port 14.5 km / from Tagbilaran airport 16 km distance. 

Ask for a taxi or tricycle going to Pahiluna Guesthouse (Danao Beach). The ride will cost you approx. 500-600 Php since we are on a ‘touristy’ island. Don’t be shy to bargain with the drivers, we’re in the Philippines! It takes a 30-40 min. ride depending on the traffic to reach Pahiluna Guesthouse on Daorong Blvd. So the best thing is to lean back and enjoy the first views of the lush landscape and dive into the hustle-free Bolanon (Boholano) island lifestyle!

Alternatively, we can also organize a convenient pick-up for you. Please note that we need to be informed at least a day in advance!

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