‘Pahiluna’ is Cebuano and means ‘comfort/to settle’ in English. We’d like to invite you to truly install yourself in our little paradise and find your peace of mind…

Pahiluna Guesthouse is an ideal place for travellers who like to enjoy a peaceful vacation on Panglao island, Bohol.  Just a 5-min walk away from white sandy Danao Beach, and is still a quiet corner on this island with a large natural stretch of beach beside the few beachfront-facing resorts.

The concept of Pahiluna includes the three-storey Mainhouse, the Octagon House (Bungalow) and a native Bamboo Cottage were designed and constructed by owner Roberto Bahala. Built on stilts (for more cleanliness inside) and surrounded by plenty of trees providing shade, Pahiluna is provides a cool and airy, and is the perfect place to stay during the day. Our guesthouse is made with local materials such as mahagony wood from sustainable sources, bamboococonut wood and concrete and was constructed with the aid of local construction workers and carpenters.

We are very proud that the first construction phase of the Octagon House was completed early 2016, followed by the Bamboo Cottage and the Mainhouse in July 2017, all with permits to guarantee our guests’ well-being and safety.

Consider visiting Panglao, Bohol now! Be away from mass-tourism and find yourself in a quieter, more natural environment. We would be delighted to host you and assist you on planning your individual Bohol adventure! So come and visit us, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Nathalie & Roberto Bahala,

owners of Pahiluna Guesthouse